Sunday, September 2, 2012

Top Ten Solar Gadgets for Christmas 2012

Here is my Top 10 Solar Gadgets for Christmas 2012:


Want to look cool anywhere you need to plug or keep your internet during power cuts (or your fridge for that matter). Here is the coolest portable solar generator from Thousand Suns. and you can buy it here 

2 The Automower

If anything would look cool in your garden, its is the Husqvarna solar automower...

3 The Soulra XL

and what about the best looking ipod player around! find it here

4 The Sun Table

the garden furniture must have for 2012...

5 The solar powered water bottle cap

Utterly useless therefore a must have! here

6 The solarpod buddy

The smaller cousin of the solarpod (see no1). The best solar phone charger around. Check it here. Buy it here

7 The solar keyboard

I definitely want one of these.

8 The solar tree

Just because it does look really cool! here

9 The solar shaver

Because I had the terrifying experience to try one! here

10 The solar waving flower

Because it is by for the most useless solar gadget out there! here


  1. Though the others are familiar to me, That solar shaver is new! I like that! And I would also want to have that solar keyboard. Very elegant design. The one that's missing here is a solar power backpacks

  2. From anyone that has been to music festival, go with SolarBak, the backpack with a big solar panel on the back

  3. The Soulra XL seems to be interesting. After consulting, I am using solar energy system. I suggest others too, go green and use solar energy systems.

  4. A new solar photovoltaic conversion efficiency record of 21.4% was recently set, thanks to the innovations of researchers at EPFL’s Institute of Microengineering in Neuchatel. photovoltaic solar panels